Louisiana State Paralegal Association

Founder and Administrator of the LCP Certification

LSPA is pleased to offer the
for members of LSPA who desire to obtain
their LCP, CP, or ACP certification. 


The guidelines are set forth below:




 The purpose of the Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship (“JMCS”) is to financially assist LSPA members desiring to obtain the LCP, CP, or ACP certifications. 

I.    Qualifications:

1.  Applicant must be a Voting Member of LSPA for three consecutive years prior to applying for a scholarship. A voting member is defined in the LSPA By-laws (and current LSPA Membership Application).

2.  Applicant must meet all of the requirements set forth by NALA or LSPA for the exam that they are applying to take, and have either passed the exam on or after September 15 of the prior year, or plan to take the exam on or before September 15 of the following year.  The applicant need not be scheduled to take the exam when s/he applies. 

3.  Additional qualifications or changes may be adopted by the Board of LSPA from time to time.


II.  Scholarship:

1.  The amount of the scholarship shall be either $250.00 or the total of the fees paid by the applicant for study material and exam fees, whichever is less; based on availability of funds.

2.  Funds will be distributed as reimbursement upon receipt of evidence of passing the exam for which the scholarship is awarded.

3.  A member may apply for a maximum of three scholarships, one for each of the following certifications:  LCP, CP, and ACP.  Scholarships awards are limited to one scholarship per person, per certification.

4.  If there are more applicants than available funds, those applicants that have not yet been awarded a JMCS will be given preference.

III.  Application Procedure, Award of Scholarship:

1.  Each applicant shall complete the LSPA Application for the Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship.  The Application must be mailed to the LSPA post office box for receipt between July 15 and August 15 (except for the scholarship to be awarded in 2013, for which the Application must be received prior to August 31, 2013).

2.  The scholarship will be awarded at the LSPA Annual Meeting held in September.  If the recipient of the scholarship has not yet passed the exam, a Certificate will be awarded, and the recipient will receive the funds after s/he has provided evidence to LSPA that s/he has passed the exam (as set forth below).

3.  Funds will be distributed as reimbursement to the applicant.  Recipients will be required to furnish evidence of the amount paid for the study materials and/or examination fee for which s/he is requesting reimbursement.

4.  Application for the JMCS can be made prior to or following taking the exam.

a.  If the applicant has passed the exam for which s/he is applying, evidence thereof shall be included with the Application. If such applicant is the recipient of the Scholarship, s/he will be awarded a check in the amount of the scholarship at the Annual Meeting.

b.  If the Applicant has not taken the exam, and is the recipient of the Scholarship, s/he must take the exam on or before September 15 of the year following the award of the Scholarship, or the Scholarship shall be deemed forfeited. 

i.  If the recipient passes the exam taken within the time period set forth above, evidence thereof shall be provided to the Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship committee within thirty (30) days of receipt. Upon receipt and acceptance thereof, the committee shall request the Treasurer to submit payment of the scholarship funds to such recipient within thirty (30) days.

ii.  If the applicant takes the exam within the time period set forth above, however does not pass all sections of the exam, the recipient shall notify the LSPA Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship committee, within thirty (30) days of receipt of notice thereof, of his/her intent to retake those sections, and the Scholarship shall remain valid as long as the recipient is eligible to retake only those portions of the exam s/he failed to pass.

Upon successful completion of the exam, the recipient shall provide evidence thereof to the JMCS Committee, and the committee will request the Treasurer to submit payment of the scholarship funds to such recipient within thirty (30) days.

If, however, the recipient is unsuccessful in passing the exam within the time and/or number of retries allowed by the certifying authority governing said exam, the Scholarship is forfeited. 

5.  Any recipient that has forfeited a scholarship, as provided above, shall not be eligible to apply for a JMCS for a two year period following forfeiture of such scholarship.

6.  Applications will be reviewed by and a recommendation to award the scholarship will be made by the JMCS Committee to the current LSPA Board. The decision of the board is final.

IV.  Non Discrimination Statement:

Selection of scholarship recipient shall be made without regard to income, race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin or marital status. This scholarship is not a need based scholarship and is designed to assist all members of LSPA regardless of their income level. 


Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP (left) was presented with a plaque dedicating LSPA's newest scholarship as The Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship by LSPA President, Jessie L. Cormier, CP, LCP (right) on March 15, 2013.