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Founder and Administrator of the LCP Certification

LSPA Photo Album

NALA Annual Meeting
July 9 - 12, 2013
Portland, Oregon


Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP 
was presented with the 
at the 2013 NALA Conference 
in Portland, Oregon 
on July 11, 2013.  

The Founder's Award is NALA'S highest honor.

Debbie Fontenot, CP, manning LSPA's booth at the Affiliated Associations Exhibition
Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP, recipient of NALA's highest honor, The Founder's Award
Ann Atkinson, ACP, NALA President and Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP

Summer Board Meeting
July 27, 2013

Amy Collins-Gutter, Renee Grissom, Camille Moran, CP, Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP, Shonnie Broussard, CP, LCP, and Sandy Pourciaux, ACP
Renee Grissom and Debbie Fontenot
Shonnie Broussard, CP, LCP, Sandy Pourciaux, ACP and Debbie Fontenot, CP

May 4, 2013

Cindy Haggerty-Horne - Editor of The Advocate, Pam Turner - LCP Review Course Chairperson, Amy Collins-Gutter - Secretary, Debbie Billiot - 1st VP, Renee Grissom -- CLE committee and Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP -- President
Renee Grissom, CLE Committee and Deborah Fontenot, CP -- NALA Liaison
Cindy Haggerty-Horne, Pam Turner, Amy Collins-Gutter

MARCH 15, 2013

Kent Dejean, Losavio & Dejean -- La. Divorce 101
Tiffany Thomas, CLE Chairperson and Molly Balfour, JD -- Legal Etiquette
Robin Anderson, Attorney at Law -- Sexual Harrassment
Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP -- Ethics and Social Media
Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP - President awarding Rochelle Scholarship to 2013 recipient, Courtney Ann Marshall
Presentation of plaque to Jimmie W. Murvin commemorating the naming of the Jimmie Murvin Certification Scholarship
Winter Meeting of Board of Directors
January 26, 2013

Pam Turner - LCP Review Course Chairperson, Tiffany Thomas - CLE Chairperson, Karen McKnight, CP - Program Chairperson, Debbie Billiot - 1st Vice President, Sandy Pourciaux, ACP - Treasurer, Camille Moran, CP - Treasurer
Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP - President, Pam Turner - LCP Review Course Chairperson, Tiffany Thomas - CLE Chairperson
Camille Moran, CP - Parliamentarian and Debbie Fontenot, CP - NALA Liaison
Ann Atkinson, ACP, NALA 2012-13 President; Vicki Voison, ACP, The Paralegal Mentor; and Karen Greer McGee, ACP, NALA 2010-2012 President
Vicki Voison, ACP recipient of the NALA Founders Award
Deborah P. Fontenot, CP at the LSPA Booth displaying T-Shirt to be Raffled
Participants enjoyed a private reception in the Lied Jungle of the Henry Doorly Zoo
Karen Greer McGee, NALA 2010-2012 President relinquishing her duties to Ann Atkinson, ACP NALA 2012-2013 President

"A Little of This, A Little of That and a Whole Lot of Learning"

LSPA President Jessie Cormier with seminar speakers Eddie Knoll and Laura Bishop Knoll
Seminar speaker Stephanie Prestridge with her paralegal/husband, Michael J. Hoover
Jeanne Laborde, attorney, President Jessie Cormier and Judge P. J. Laborde, seminar speakers
Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP, seminar speaker
Paragon Casino Resort
Paragon's indoor swamp

2011 - 2012 Officers of LSPA

President:  Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP
First Vice President:  Debbie Billiot
Secretary:  Sandy Pourciaux, CP
Treasurer:  Rebecca Maum
NALA Liaison: Deborah P. Fontenot, CP
Parliamentarian: Camille Moran, CP

2011 Awards Ceremony and Annual Meeting - Sept. 16-17, 2011
2011 - 2012 LSPA President, Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP
Sonjanita Jordan, 2011 LSPA Outstanding Paralegal of the Year
Jimmie W. Murvin, CLAS, LCP shares LSPA History at Annual Meeting
Jimmie Murvin, CLAS, LCP administers the Oath of Office to the newly elected 2011 - 2012 LSPA Officers
Ms. LSPA is passed from 2010 - 2011 LSPA President Rhonda McManus to 2011 - 2012 LSPA President, Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP
Deborah Fontenot, CP and Jessie Cormier, CP and NALA Liaison model LSPA's new "Swamped" t-shirts at NALA Annual Convention in Dallas, July 2011
Jessie Cormier, CP, NALA Liaison at LSPA's Exhibit "Paralegals Are Always Swamped" at NALA Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, July 2011
2010 - 2011

Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP (left) was presented with her Louisiana Certified Paralegal certificate by Shonnie Broussard, CP, LCP, Chair of LCP Certifying Board at the January 2011 Board Meeting
Antoinette Lee, Camille Moran, CP, Rhonda McManus and Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP prepare to view LSPA's Public Service Announcement at October 2010 Board Meeting
(Back row, l-r) Debbie Billiot, District II Director, Camille Moran, CP, Parliamentarian, Rebecca Maum, Treasurer, Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP, 2nd Vice President, Karen McKnight, CP, Program Chair. (Front row, l-r) Rhonda McManus, President 2010 - 11, Antoinette Lee, Secretary and Jessie Cormier, CP, NALA Liaison.

LSPA September 2010 Annual Meeting

NALA President, Karen McGee, ACP, installed the newly elected officers
Rhonda McManus, President for 2010-11, addressed the members
President Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP conducted the Annual Meeting
2010-11 Officers, l-r: Rhonda McManus - President, Sonjanita Jordan - 1st Vice President, Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP -- 2nd Vice President, Antoinette Lee - Secretary, Rebecca Maum -- Treasurer, Jessie Cormier, CP -- NALA Liaison
LSPA is 25 years old!
Karen McKnight, CP, Program Chairperson and past President of LSPA, presented the cake

2010 NALA Conference
Jacksonville, Florida

Karen McGee at the 2010 NALA Annual Meeting making her Incoming President's Address
Karen McGee with her daughters at 2010 NALA Annual Meeting
Deborah Fontenot, CP and Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor at the 2010 NALA Conference in Jacksonville
Jessie Cormier, CP at the LSPA Booth at the 2010 NALA conference in Jacksonville