Louisiana State Paralegal Association

Founder and Administrator of the LCP Certification


2014 Spring Seminar
Louisiana Oil and Gas:
Fuel for Knowledge
March 28, 2014
Natchitoches, LA

Renee Grissom, CLE Chairperson
John T. Kalmbach, Esq. -- Mineral Law Update
John J. Rose, JD and Michael P. Ameen, JD -- Drafting a Minteral Title Opinion
Desiree D. Dyess and her assistant - Ethics
James "Kip" Fair, Jr. - Haynesville Shale and the future of Natural Gas with LSPA President Sandy Pourciaux, ACP
Sandy Pourciaux, ACP - Unitization Concepts
Paralegals attending the seminar

The Certified Paralegal Exam:
A Review of Core Subjects
All Paralegals Should Know
September 20, 2013
Lafayette, LA


Above left:  Melissa L. Theriot, J.D. of NeunerPate -- Judgment and Analytical Ability

Above center:  Susan Crapanzano Kalmbach, J.D., Baton Rouge City Prosecutor's Office -- Legal Research

Above right:  Jaime F. Landry, J.D., Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith,, LLP -- Communications

Left:  Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP -- Ethics 101

Right:  Renee Grissom, CLE Committee Chairperson


September 20, 2013

The "Heart of LSPA" award was presented
by President Jessie L. Cormier, CP, LCP
to Deborah Fontenot, CP (left)
and to Debbie Billiot (center)
during the Awards Reception


Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP
Jessie L. Cormier, CP, LCP

the Meritorious Service Award a/k/a "The Jimmie"
during the Awards Reception

Sandy Pourciaux, ACP
named 2013 Outstanding
Paralegal of the Year

Congratulations, Sandy!


28th Annual Meeting
September 21, 2013
Lafayette, LA


Renee Grissom
(on left)
presents Proclamation of
Paralegal Week in Louisiana to
President Jessie L. Cormier, CP, LCP
(on right)

Cindy Haggerty-Horne
was presented with an engraved "Rising Star" paperweight in appreciation of her first year serving on LSPA's Board of Directors. 
Other recipients of the
Rising Star were:

Renee Grissom
Amy Collins-Gutter
(not pictured here).

Newly elected officers
were installed by
Jimmie W. Murvin, ACP, LCP.
Karen McGee, ACP -- NALA Liaison;
Cindy Haggert-Horne -- Secretary;
Renee Grissom -- 2nd Vice President;
Sandy Pourciaux, ACP -- President.
Not pictured: 
Kelly L. Rhodes -- Treasurer.


Summer Board Meeting
July 27, 2013

Amy Collins-Gutter, Renee Grissom, Camille Moran, CP, Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP, Shonnie Broussard, CP, LCP, and Sandy Pourciaux, ACP
Renee Grissom and Debbie Fontenot
Shonnie Broussard, CP, LCP, Sandy Pourciaux, ACP and Debbie Fontenot, CP